Occupational Health and Safety Management System

LPN Plate Mill is fully aware that human is the most valuable resource in our organization. Thus, we decide to launch the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS/TAS 18001) as one of the organization’s management. It will help prevent potential risk hazards and enhance regular works of employees and contractors through better effectiveness, healthiness and safety. Additionally, the management system will also be more compatible with the country’s safety legislation.
We have established the occupational health and safety committee in order to set objectives and policy plans for all OHS purposes. The organization has also established the subcommittees and the OHS team in order to implement the policy and plan which help prevent hazards and raise safety awareness of all employees, contractors and everyone else in the company.
The example programs that are being undertaken include:
- Work place risk assessment
- Work place safety audit
- Safety training programs for raising safety awareness of all employees and such.
- Safety Suggestion, Near miss, KYT, Safety & Environmental morning talk, Safety & Environmental week
- Establish emergency plans and practice annually, including evacuation in the case of Fire, Chemical leaked and LPG leaked






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