Command Csk. 014/2014

Quality Environment Operational health and safety Policy


To achieve effective implementation of the quality management system. environmental management system occupational health and safety declared policy of quality environment operational health and safety of the company.

LPN Plate Mill Co., Ltd. Steel hot rolled plates and coils is important to manufacturing a quality product. recognizes its responsibility to staff social and environmental and By applying quality management system environmental management system occupational health and safety management system as part to perform business seriously comply and continued development under the intent.
1.Produce and develop the new product to increase customer’s satisfaction with the delivery of the product on time and the best service.
2.Improve the production control system continuously in order to maintain the standard of product quality.
3.Follow relevant quality, environmental and occupational health and safety legislations and regulations compliantly with an organization business.
4.Improve and prevent hazards from working environment, fire and operational risk assessment beginning from 3B to upper level.
5.Prevention of injury and ill health and continual improvement in health management system.
6.Highest efficiency consumption of natural resources and energy including minimize pollution of water, air and waste from organization processes that impacts to communities and environment.
7.Establishing appropriately objectives and targets, monitor and review an effectiveness for maintain and continually improvement of quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system.
8.Sustain available resources in management system consisting of times, budgets and trainings.







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